Curtain Controllers:

Our smart curtain solution enables you to open/close the curtains and to blind automatically to enhance your convenience levels. You can control them according to your flexibility either through your remote, switch, app or even through voice control (Alexa). Also, programme your curtains to open/close according to your scenarios and create the perfect ambiance.

Curtain Motors:

  • They can be installed for vertical, horizontal and central split type opening curtains
  • Operate it manually, through App, IR or even through a voice command. Pull the curtain gently and the motion gets activated automatically
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smart curtains - curtain controllers

Blinds Tubular

  • The tubular motors move your blinds gently
  • Low noise tubular motors roll the blinds with limit switch.
  • Compact in structure
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • Can be operated through our 2 Module SSB, IR Remote, Mobile app, and Amazon echo
Functional features Technical features