PIR/Motion Sensors

PIR sensors detect the motion of a human body and brightness in the surroundings.

The sensors can then be programmed to either turn on lights or notify the app for any additional actions. This helps in creating lighting and pre-programmed scenes in the home. Works best in Bathrooms, Porticos, Corridors and Basements, which need presence-based or light-intensity based triggers for saving electricity and timing the gadgets and appliances.

  • Excellent solution for energy saving & Easy to install
  • Has timer delay and lux control adjustment knobs
  • It can be used with lamps, incandescent lamps (Bulbs)
  • Turn on the lights during the day or night and turn them off based on timer setting or as per the available light in the surroundings

Technical specifications:

  • Operating Volt: AC 220-250v 50hz-60hz
  • Load power: Up to 300/1200w max
  • Ambient light: 3-2000 (adjustable)
  • Load type: Incandescent lamp. LED light, CFL, Fans
  • Detecting distance: 2 – 8m    

Suggested areas of application of PIR Sensors:

  • Lift Lobby , Wash areas , Common staircases , Parking Area/Basement , For garden lights