44 IR Pack (4 M IR outside)

Outdoor unit:

Bell, Laundry, DND &
MMR Indication Outdoor
4Module Smart Switchboard Panel


 User functionality:

  • Bell icon will glow and operatable with touch in four cases accept
    one case: DND indication lights ON
  • If DND Indicates blue three should go off- BELL, LAUNDRY, & MMR

44 IR Pack (4 M IR inside)

Indoor unit:

Laundry, DND,
MMR & Lamp Indoor Control
Unit 4M Smart Switchboard Panel


  User functionality:

  • In any case if user turn ON DND icon both Laundry & MMR should go off
  •  And if user need to continue Laundry/MMR, first he should turn-off the
    DND and then go for next operation
  • Lamp Switch is independent of all operation between DND, MMR &
    LAUNDRY DND and then go for next operation